Vote By Mail Poll Watching and New Counting Schedule

The Chicago Board of Elections was contacted by poll watchers from the campaigns for the Democratic candidates for Cook County State’s Attorney who requested to review the processing and counting of Vote By Mail ballots received on Election Day and through the counting period through April 2. 

To accommodate these requests, the Vote By Mail canvass and counting schedule has been amended. Ongoing processing of Vote By Mail ballots will begin Thursday, March 21. Scanning and counting of Vote By Mail ballots by election judges will begin Friday, March 22. The public can expect to see the first updated unofficial election results from these Vote By Mail totals at ChicagoElections.Gov in the evening of Friday, March 22.

The Board is happy to accommodate these requests and appreciates the public’s patience as Vote By Mail ballot results are updated starting on the evening of Friday, March 22 and moving forward on a rolling basis. 

Please see the updated 2024 Canvass Schedule by clicking here.